Workshop with Miřenka Čechová

Miřenka Čechová is a Czech director, choreographer, performer and scholar currently living and working in New York City. She is co-founder and a house director of two internationally acclaimed theater companies: Spitfire Company and Tantehorse, and also works as an independent director.

Physical Mime techniques was invented by two founders (Miřenka Čechová and Radim Vizváry) of Tantehorse - physical mime company that focuses on the blend of mime, physical theater, Japanese butoh and contemporary dance. It is the unique technique that develops actor's physical skills, gives strong physical vocabulary based on diverse mime and physical theater techniques and at the same time as uses an intense emotional engagement and creative potential in order to create a strong performer's presence on the stage.


Workshop with Hana Halberstadt – THE BODY AS AN INSTRUMENT

For the actor, his body is an important means of expression. How to turn a personal body into an active artistic instrument, develop a movement vocabulary, explore new possibilities for moving your body.

The lector of this workshop is a pedagogue of the Theatre Faculty of JAMU.


L’AMOUR: Experiment workshop

L’AMOUR: Experiment workshop will allow the possibility to try out a “devised theatre” process of creation, which was the form of creation of the physical theatre production L’AMOUR: Experiment.

Before this workshop, at 19:30, you can visit a talk about this project in the chill-out room.

L'AMOUR: Experiment is a search for love as a space between. In this space, anyone, in order to truly love someone, needs to find the ability to discover, fully participate in a relationship, and respect and accept the DIFFERENCE of the other one– without prejudice and judgement. L'AMOUR: Experiment is the universe trying to heal its most vulnerable part: US.

Recykliteratura workshop

Drop your imagination and visit the workshop of Recykliteratura, where, with a combination of old photos and excerpts from books, you will form completely new, untold stories, anecdotes and situations. The game combines absurdity, humor and sarcasm.

You can find the corner which is home to this creative workshop in the chill-out room during opening hours.