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Who got what?

Who got what?We bring you a short list of award winners.

Tereza Gsöllhoferová

Tereza Gsöllhoferová from The Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic, in recognition of creating the framework for a dystopian and disturbing world, filled with grotesque stories, bizarre characters and a warning vision of the future.



Michal Uziel

Michal Uziel from The Yoram Loewenstein acting School, Israel, in recognition of her sensitive, strong and deeply emotional performance of a woman who is not only fighting for herself but also for the values of humanity.


Nele Bühler and Luise Ehrenwerth

Nele Bühler and Luise Ehrenwerth from The Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Wuerttemberg (ADK),Germany, in recognition of supporting the creation of a world of powerful association, dynamic aesthetic and bizarre yet well-judged characters, with a clear style of ensemble acting and stylization.


Megan Valentine

In recognition of the compassionate, clear and well-judged devising of a balanced world, in which we could observe the challenges of „being and feeling different“, to Megan Valentine from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


Luntu Masiza
Award of the festival director

For his personal acting statement and significant ethic insight into totalitarian tendencies and racism within the society in broader context expressed in the synergy with his acting partner Siabonga Mayola to Luntu Masizam from AFDA: The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, South African Republic.

We are glad to all the award winners and we look forward to seeing you next year at the International Festival of Theater Schools SETKÁNÍ / ENCOUNTER 2019.

Marek H.


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