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The fun was, is and will be.

The fun was, is and will be.Yesterday, the Open Air Stage and the Meeting Point Party took a place. We bring a video and lots of photos.

Yesterday, you had the opportunity to listen to the music in the center of Brno at our Open Air Stage and then you could enjoy the Meeting Point Party at the ArtBar Druhý Pád. Thank you off programm for your care and effort during these events and thank you all the participants who came. 

Photos from the Open Air Stage - HERE

Photos from the Meeting Ponint Party - HERE

Video from the Open Air Stage

Nevertheless, today you can hear a music at the Theatre Faculty of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. We look forward to seeing you!

SINfonietta / In Da Haus

20. 4. / 21.00 / DF JAMU  Mozartova 1








SINfonietta will let you feel the atmosphere of the faculty after midnight. Enjoy a different point of view of our school. Music, theatre, dancing, and of course… ENCOUNTER. Janáček is looking forward to meeting you!

Marek H.


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